Alfonso Aroca

Orilla del Mundo

Since last summer, when he won the award for the best flamenco instrumentalist in Spain, Alfonso Aroca's star has been rising fast. In the footsteps of David Peña Dorantes and Diego Amador both of whom have been at our festival before, the pianist from Córdoba translates the flamenco guitar to the keyboard. He surrounds himself with a group of young, first-rate musicians who help him to raise the flamenco tradition to new heights. The energetic centre is dancer Abel Harana whose feet add razor-sharp rhythmical accents to Aroca's beautiful harmonies and melodies.

Orilla del Mundo (Shore of the World) is his début album which he will present at the festival. From the port of Cádiz, Aroca and his group fan out to Africa, America and the East, and then return full of music to his 'home shores' in Andalusia. Alfonso Aroca gives flamenco piano a new, fresh elan and a solid jazz touch.