HomeliveThe more underground proposals have a place in Flamenco Festival New York

The more underground proposals have a place in Flamenco Festival New York

Flamenco Festival is a window open to the entire flamenco scene. Also to all those artists who have decided to transcend, question and break the borders to propose authentic conceptual revolutions.

Based on talent and discipline, these creators are building new languages ​​in flamenco. Some of the representatives of more underground flamenco are part of the program of our 20th anniversary in New York.

From the Spanish Levante the charismatic Niño de Elche returns to New York to present his ‘Colombian’. Visual resources, performance, poetry materialize in a striking scenic proposal and a new rhythmic for its original and romantic imaginary in which yesterday and the future of flamenco are recognized in the information flows between territories, cultures and artistic logics.

Los Voluble has been intimate related to El Niño de Elche in their works. Benito and Pedro Jiménez defend that ‘Flamenco is not a crime,’ a proposal in which flamenco and electronics intersect with the critical culture and the remix of political videos.

For the first time in New York and appealing to the cabaret universe, the popular Maui de Utrera will offer its ‘Vermouth and Potaje Nights’, a theater, music, pinch and word miscellaneous using a stew that is cooked live as the protagonist.

The most important platform for flamenco worldwide

Throughout its 20 years of history, Flamenco Festival has taken over almost the entire world, having presence in 101 cities, presenting 129 companies, 1.225 shows and an audience of over 1,600.000 people.

The largest flamenco platform in the international scene

Flamenco Festival 20 Years artists

Operating since 1996, Flamenco Festival is the main international flamenco promoter in the world. Its mission is to promote and spread the richness and variety of flamenco art, from traditional flamenco to the most avant-garde proposals.

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