HomeliveWell-known voices and new coming stars in cante in the next Flamenco Festival New York

Well-known voices and new coming stars in cante in the next Flamenco Festival New York

Flamenco music in its different expressions also expands its presence in Flamenco Festival. Year after year, we defends the importance of its diversity and versatility in an program that always tries to combine already consolidated names with new talents that take over and embody the regeneration of flamenco sounds.

Under the claim ‘Breaking walls, uniting worlds’, the 20th edition of Flamenco Festival New York will show that there are no limits to creation and the absolute artistic and creative freedom that flamenco promotes among its artists and that it strongly proposes to the already faithful audience of New York. Thus, some of the main voices of today’s flamenco will be on this 20th anniversary.

There are few names in the flamenco scene today that exceed the trajectory (almost three decades already on stage) and the applause collected by the Barcelona singer Miguel Poveda. Any recital in his charge is an event of tradition and mastery, of talent and evolution. His professional height and artistic brilliance catalyzes with the viewer as does the very personal voice of the Huelva Rocío Márquez, capable of exciting, transgressing and emulsifying the traditional flamenco repertoire with any other musical rhythm. María Terremoto has been the youngest singer to win the Giraldillo for Best New Artist at the Seville Flamenco Biennial. A powerful voice that will offer at the Flamenco Festival a recital inspired by the songs of his childhood, the most orthodox flamenco in perfect harmony with his youth and his strength.

The most important platform for flamenco worldwide

Throughout its 20 years of history, Flamenco Festival has taken over almost the entire world, having presence in 101 cities, presenting 129 companies, 1.225 shows and an audience of over 1,600.000 people.

The largest flamenco platform in the international scene

Flamenco Festival 20 Years artists

Operating since 1996, Flamenco Festival is the main international flamenco promoter in the world. Its mission is to promote and spread the richness and variety of flamenco art, from traditional flamenco to the most avant-garde proposals.

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