HomeliveFlamenco Festival celebrates 20 years en New York with the largest flamenco offering ever presented outside Spain

Flamenco Festival celebrates 20 years en New York with the largest flamenco offering ever presented outside Spain

Flamenco Festival New York is already boiling! Between March 12 and April 5, 30 companies will present their proposals in 20 spaces of the city "from the large auditoriums to the alternative venues," as stated by the director of Flamenco Festival, Miguel Marín. A program that aims to be a window open to the creative freedom of its artists.
With the performance Potaje in Manhattan of Maui de Utrera as an entree, the director of Flamenco Festival, Miguel Marín, has moderated a meeting full of flavor showing the impressive offer that this year is cooking the Festival, a menu with dishes for all tastes. Together with him María Pagés -bailaora who participated in the first edition of Flamenco Festival New York and who returns in the twentieth-, Rocío Márquez, Manuel Liñán, Miguel Heredia, Lin Cortés, María Moreno, Los Voluble, Rancapino Chico, Santiago Lara and Mercedes Ruiz have presented the works they will show at New York. SGAE Foundation also replicates his Flamenco Eñe program with the common objective of achieving the internationalization of Spanish flamenco and opening it completely to dialogue with other music. SGAE Andalucia' Jesús Carmona, SGAE Andalucía chief, has also participated in the presentation. "Flamenco is the art that more and better represents us in the world and it is our obligation to dignify it, because it still does not have the value it deserves and we feel a bit abandoned. It is a unique art because it has a huge and delicious journey: we start in marginality and now we are in the big theaters", reflected Maria Pagés during the presentation. Veteran artists and new generations who are breaking the barriers to build new languages ​​will meet on this anniversary and beyond. With the programming of Flamenco Festival On Tour, to different parts of the country through Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Chatham, Irvine or Sarasota.  

The most important platform for flamenco worldwide

Throughout its 20 years of history, Flamenco Festival has taken over almost the entire world, having presence in 101 cities, presenting 129 companies, 1.225 shows and an audience of over 1,600.000 people.

The largest flamenco platform in the international scene

Flamenco Festival 20 Years artists Operating since 1996, Flamenco Festival is the main international flamenco promoter in the world. Its mission is to promote and spread the richness and variety of flamenco art, from traditional flamenco to the most avant-garde proposals.
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