HomeliveFLAMENCO FESTIVAL NEW YORK continues dazzling New York's spring

FLAMENCO FESTIVAL NEW YORK continues dazzling New York’s spring

Manuel Liñán, Mercedes Ruiz, Eduardo Guerrero, María Moreno and María Terremoto, among the stars that will bring the 20th edition of the Flamenco Festival New York to a close

After a splendid and unforgettable first week with the performances of Miguel Poveda at the NYU Skirball, Flamenco Festival New York continues celebrating its 20 years in the city of skyscrapers with Manuel Liñán’s ¡VIVA! taking place at the New York City Center on April 22, a show that has garnered international acclaim for the sincerity with which it challenges the rules of traditional flamenco. ¡VIVA! is a groundbreaking show, conceived as a jubilant expression of flamenco dance in which gender roles are broken down to expose new dramatic forms.

The much awaited Gala Flamenca will also take place at New York City Center on 23 and 24 April: a great showcase for the variety and vitality of flamenco dance, which has long been the centrepiece of the festival. This year’s Gala features Mercedes Ruiz, praised for her “commanding truth and virtuosity” (Financial Times, UK), Eduardo Guerrero, known for his “wonderfully eccentric solos” (The New York Times), and María Moreno, whose performance pays homage to the traditional style of her native Cádiz.

The diversity of styles and approaches is one of the pillars of Flamenco Festival New York 2022 and characterises this year’s Gala, in which the contemporary big names of flamenco will be accompanied by new revelations. For this reason, the aforementioned list of exceptional artists will be joined by renowned musicians such as guitarist Santiago Lara and the Jerez-born cantaora María Terremoto, the youngest artist to receive the Giraldillo Award at the Seville Flamenco Biennial. In addition to this event, the duo will give an intimate concert at the Instituto Cervantes New York on Monday 25 April, as the perfect close.





The Instituto Cervantes and Flamenco Festival

The programme of the 20th Flamenco Festival New York is complemented by a series of conferences at the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes in New York and Chicago, framed within the World Flamenco Congress. These talks work to visibilize the richness of flamenco’s expressive forms, highlighting its great capacity for dialogue and the encounter with other artistic languages.

Flamenco with a queer perspective will be the theme of the meeting with the dancer and choreographer Manuel Liñán on 20 April at the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes New York, and will deal with the show ¡VIVA! that he will be performing at the New York City Center. In addition to this, on Thursday 21 journalist and flamenco specialist Teo Sánchez will give a lecture entitled “Flamenco mezclas y remezclas (una secuencia de reacciones)”, also at the Instituto Cervantes New York.

These will be two of the various activities included not only in the 2022 programme of Flamenco Festival New York, but also in the World Flamenco Congress organised by the Instituto Cervantes on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, committed to the visualisation of flamenco as a mestizo art, an art of encounter, without borders, a space where feminism and the LGTBI+ community have a place.

In addition, simultaneously to the stay of some of the artists of Flamenco Festival in the United States, this World Flamenco Congress will be extended to the Instituto Cervantes in Chicago with activities and concerts by Antonio Lizana, Eduardo Guerrero and María Terremoto among others.

The most important platform for flamenco worldwide

Throughout its 20 years of history, Flamenco Festival has taken over almost the entire world, having presence in 101 cities, presenting 129 companies, 1.225 shows and an audience of over 1,600.000 people.

The largest flamenco platform in the international scene

Flamenco Festival 20 Years artists

Operating since 1996, Flamenco Festival is the main international flamenco promoter in the world. Its mission is to promote and spread the richness and variety of flamenco art, from traditional flamenco to the most avant-garde proposals.

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