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Belén Maya and Patricio Hidalgo were participants of the artistic residence “Medusa”, at Flamenco Festival London 2016

Mayan Nativity Scene

Born in New York during one of her parents tours: Carmen Mora and Mario Maya. She began her artistic career performing with her group in various tablaos as a guest artist: Café Chinitas and Corral de la Pacheca in Madrid, Tablao de Carmen in Barcelona, ​​Los Gallos and Patio Andaluz in Seville and El Flamenco in Tokyo. She shared program with artists of the stature of Manolete, Javier Barón and Alejandro Granados. In addition, she participates in various companies as a soloist and as a first dancer: Compañía de Carmen Cortés, Compañía de Mario Maya and Compañía Andaluza de Danza stand out. On the other hand, she has formed her own company with the shows “La Diosa en Nosotras” and “Adir”, with which she has worked for Australia, the United States and Europe. Shee shares her current project with the singer Mayte Martín, with the show “Flamenco de Cámara”.

Patricio Hidalgo

He developed his artistic training between the faculties of Barcelona and Seville. This artist born on the island of Ibiza, residing in Seville, with his avant-garde painting uniquely expresses the timelessness of what is Jondo, the essence of flamenco that always influenced him and that has him linked to his paternal people, La Puebla de Cazalla .
Patricio has a long career in the performing arts, participating in numerous shows with his “painting in action” accompanying poetry, flamenco recitals and multidisciplinary works around the world. Spain, Malta, Italy, Morocco, Ireland, Holland and El Salvador have been some of the countries where Patricio has taken his painting.
Some of his highlighted prizes are: first prize in the Forum Philatelic Forum (Seville 2001), second prize in Focus Abengoa (Seville 2003), first prize in Migrations in the “Miscellaneous” category with the animation Un Mundo En Palabras (2013), among the prizes for posters, fast painting and drawing.