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David Carpio (Jerez, 1975) is a singer of undoubted lineage, heir to a solid tradition full of atavisms. He has touched all the styles, neatly, but without losing the tradition that defines him and refers to his origin. David Carpio felt the call of 'cante' from a very young age, approaching some dance masters (Cristóbal 'El Jerezano', Chiqui de Jerez or Carmen Mota), who contributed to his early development as 'cantaor' with the Antonio El Pipa Company. He has participated in numerous festivals of enormous importance such as the aforementioned Festival de Jerez, Puebla de Cazalla Cante Meeting, La Unión Festival, the Serrana Festival, the Casabermeja Festival, El Arranque Roteño, the Bulería Festival, Gran Reserva Festival or Jerez Flamenco Fridays. The Jerez-born artist has two albums on the market, Mi Verdad, released in 2014 by Karonte, and Con la voz en la tierra, a self-produced work. The first contains a live recording during his performance at the Palacio de Villavicencio in Jerez within the framework of the 2013 Festival de Jerez; and the second, also presented at the Festival de Jerez, is a studio album with the musical production of guitarist Santiago Lara. Furthermore, in 2008 he participated in the collective album La Nueva Frontera del Cante de Jerez, produced by BBK and Bujío Producciones, together with a long list of young 'cantaores' from Jerez. In 2012, coinciding with the celebration of the XVII Festival de Jerez, he received the Prize for Mejor Cante de Acompañamiento al Baile. He has been part of the cast of leading companies such as the National Dance Awards, Manuel Liñán and Isabel Bayón, and other renowned dancers such as Mercedes Ruiz or the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, in which he worked under the direction of Cristina Hoyos. In 2015 he presented his first solo artistic project at the Festival de Jerez, the show Solos, in the company of Manuel Valencia, Pablo Martín Caminero and Manuel Liñán. David Carpio is thus a complete 'cantaor', with a sense of professional endeavour that is hard to beat. His special 'cante', forged in La Plazuela and transmitted orally from generation to generation, makes him a different artist with an echo of an ancestral voice. It can be said that wherever David Carpio sings, Jerez and its neighborhood of San Miguel resound in his throat. Francisco Vinuesa was born in Málaga in 1985. He began playing flamenco guitar at the age of 14 with the master Pedro Blanco. He studied with him for five years learning the technique and forms of accompaniment to cante. His first performances took place in different flamenco clubs and 'tablaos' in Málaga. At the age of 16, he entered the Linares Young National Guitar ompetition, and then the Torre del Cante flamenco guitar competition, reaching the final. He took a course with the great master Gerardo Núñez in Marbella and began working at the 'tablao' 'Los Tarantos' with dancers of such as Trinidad Santiago, Susana Lupiañez, Cristóbal García, Luisa Chicano, Miguel Infante, "Carrete", etc. He has collaborated as with the company "Biznaga" accompanying Sergio Aranda and Susana Solera on a tour in Catalonia, with artists such as Chaparro de Málaga, Paco Javier Jimeno, Rocío Molina, Antonia Contreras, and Rocío Bazán. He has worked with the dancer Susana Lupiañez and her team at the International Tourism Fair in Berlin (Germany). He has toured all over Spain in collaboration with Turismo Andaluz, accompanying the 'bailaores' and the 'cante'. He has recently worked with dancers and singers such as Manuel Liñán, María Juncal, La Farruca, Rafael de Utrera, Pedro Córdoba, Ana Morales, Daniel Doña or Rocío Márquez, among many others. Irene Lozano is an internationally recognized flamenco dancer. From a very young age she dreamed of being an artist and dancer like Carmen Amaya, so at the early age of four she began her journey in the world of dance. The first years of her training were carried out at the private conservatory in Malaga, the Susana Lupiañez (La Lupi) School, and at the Professional Dance Conservatory in Malaga, obtaining great evaluations. It is in this same center where she studied a higher degree of dance. In 2007, when she was still studying the second year, Javier Latorre, great choreographer and National Dance Award winner in 2011, recognized her as a true professional in the world of dance. She was a guest artist at the 50th anniversary of Shoji Koyima (Japan) and was part of the company of Rafael Estévez and Nani Paños, and completed her training with great dance names: Javier Latorre, Eva Yerbabuena, Nani Paños, Rafael Campallo, Aida Gómez, Roció Molina, Mercedes Ruiz, Juana Amaya, Carlos “Chamorro”, Rafael del Carmen, Marco Flores, Manuel Liñan, Fuensanta La Moneta, Daniel Navarro… among many others. In 2012 she travels to Zurich (Switzerland) and decides to stay for 5 years, combining her work as a teacher with the organization of workshops led by the most renowned artists in the world of flamenco today: Javier Latorre, Manuel Liñán, Antonio Canales, Marco Flores, Daniel Navarro, Eva Yerbabuena, etc. In 2016 she moved to Jerez to take part in the show 'A este chino no le canto', premiered at the Festival de Jerez, choreographed by Javier Latorre, under the musical direction of renowned guitarist Chicuelo and with guest artists such as Eva Yerbabuena or Miguel Poveda. At the beginning of 2018 Irene Lozano moved to the United States to continue working and achieving new challenges as a choreographer and dancer.