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Florencia O’Ryan Zúñiga (Santiago de Chile 1987) begins her studies at the Dance Faculty of the University of Chile and simultaneously actively participates in both schools and events related to the world of flamenco from the age of 16.

In Florencia Oz's choreographies, rhythm—symbolizing our earthly connection—is intricately woven into dance, often juxtaposed with the rhythms of air, representing silence and the absence of time. Isidora O'Ryan's stage presence and musical subtleties further enhance this exploration. Together, they create multidimensional performances where performers transcend their disciplines, integrating movement and voice as essential expressions of the body. The Chilean Florencia Oz went to Seville at a young age to study flamenco. She danced as a soloist in the Ballet Flamenco of Andalucía with Rafaela Carrasco, and with the companies of Eva Yerbabuena and David Coria. The latter also created the choreography for Antípodas, her first solo performance. Following the premiere at the Jerez Festival (2021) she was awarded the Prize for Best New Artist.