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From a very young age she dreamed of being an artist and dancer like Carmen Amaya, so at the early age of four she began her journey in the world of dance. Irene Lozano weaves the traditional elements of flamenco, modern dance and ballet in a sophisticated way, creating choreographies overflowing with nuances.

Irene Lozano Ruiz was nicknamed La Chiqui de Málaga, began her professional career in 2007 when she joined the Javier Latorre Company. She was later selected to be part of the companies of Rafael Estevez y Nani Panos, Eva Yerbabuena and Ruben Olmo.

Besides being a part of several other dancer’s companies, in 2012 Irene founded her own which presented 5 shows which she directed and where she starred next to such respected guest artists as Javier Latorre, Antonio Canales and Daniel Navarro. The company was invited to participate in myriad prestigious festivals, including La Bienal de Málaga, Los Veranos del Corral and the Alburquerque Flamenco Festival.

In 2020, Irene established herself in Miami and opened her dance school, the Flamenco Dance Institute, while simultaneously dancing as a principal dancer in the flamenco show in Miami, Cava. She continues to develop professionally both in Spain and in the US.

In August of 2022 she is honored with the Premio Desplante at the Festival Internacional de Minas, one of the most prestigious flamenco awards in the world.