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Born into a Gypsy family in Corral de Almaguer (Toledo), Israel Fernández infuses traditional flamenco singing with his own distinctive style. Since 2015, he has been singing with the company of Sara Baras. On his third album, Universo Pastora, Israel pays tribute to one of the most important figures in flamenco history, Pastora Pavón (“La Niña de los Peines”). He faithfully maintains the essence of her art while putting his own stamp on each interpretation. The result is a work of art in which we can sense their two hearts in harmony. Accompaniment is provided by Keko Baldomero on guitar.
Podemos separar estos dos párrafos?

This concert is co-presented by Flamenco Festival NY and World Music Institute.

Israel Fernández, represents flamenco in its pure state, understanding purity as the highest expression of the soul, the prayer of the feelings. His wide knowledge, his fine tuning, his sense of the rhythm and beat, the sweetness of his voice and his natural sensitivity, make this singer from Toledo, be holder of great expectations from the flamenco fans.

Israel contains two worlds, the ancient one and the contemporary one. This makes his singing a good representation of the natural evolution of flamenco.