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Ivan Bavcevic was born in Split, Croatia in 1978, and started traveling the world at young age, taking him to almost 40 countries with different cultures, beliefs and ways of life.

He graduated in management and specialised in personal development at two American universities. As a student he met his spiritual teacher in India, who motivated him to combine management, psychology, spirituality and energy healing in his work. He is the founder of the School of Awareness and Spiritual Mastery that operates in Croatia, Spain, Slovenia and Serbia. His work with people focuses on expression and healing of blocked emotions through body movement, breathing and energy flow, as well as on entering into the silence to experience the true self, and on mastering the mind in order to use it as an instrument to create a beautiful life. Ivan is the author of the book The Knowledge is Within You, a regular guest on radio and television and is a guest lecturer and speaker at the Granada University. He has done several residency programs with flamenco artists, including with Belen Maya and Olga Pericet.

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