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A master at fusing music styles Lin Cortés is spearheading a new wave of modern flamenco. He is one of the most internationally respected artists in this genre. Cortés has collaborated with renowned artists such as Enrique Morente, Vicente Amigo, Raimundo Amador, Rosalía, Rosario Flores and Antonio Carmona, and American artists such as Howe Gelb and Buddy Miles (drummerfor Jimi Hendrix). As a writer and producer Lin has participated inwell known records such as “Aserejé” by Las Ketchup (one of themost sold singles world wide), “Ladrón de Amores” by Los Chichos, “Como Agua De Mayo” by La Susi, “Ley de vida” by Nani Cortés, “Single Bromeo” by María Toledo, and “Rutina Matrimonial” by Rakel Winchester. He began playing music and singing as soon as he learned how towalk. His parents and grandparents were musicians and his uncle is flamenco singer “El Pele”, who appears in Lin ́s spectacular solo debut full length album “Gipsy Evolution”: An album predestined to revolutionize the pop world. In It he blends brazilian sounds, flamenco, funk, soul and rock. It features the collaborations of artists such as Estrella Morente, Alba Molina, La Negra, Lya, Vicente Amigo, el Pele and Raimundo Amador. In concert Lín performs lysergic versions of his own songs backed byhis stellar bandas he boldly flirts with VIP guests Who Will often appear by the art of Magic. Lin Cortés now has compiled songs for his new album that will giveus much to talk about, and will give us the opportunity to hear the songs at full volume on stages all around the world to prove that a new Flamenco is possible.