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He is a descendant of the saga of the “Terremoto” family of Jerez de la Frontera, a lineage of great masters. Granddaughter of the genius of cante Fernando Fernández Monge “Terremoto de Jerez” and daughter of cantaor Fernando Fernández Pantoja “Fernando Terremoto”.

Since she was a child, she has participated in many flamenco zambombas with her family, in which she unwittingly becomes the absolute protagonist of each performance. At nine years comes an important moment in his life, as it is claimed by his own father, the great Fernando Terremoto, to climb the tables of the flamenco club that bears his name. That day occurs one of the moments that will be remembered forever by all who were there, because without intending it, Fernando passed the artistic witness to his daughter Maria in what would be his final farewell to the stage. Her consecration as a flamenco singer came at the 2016 Flamenco Biennial, where she performed a recital that many have called historical, becoming named by the press as’ The banner of young sing ‘or’ The true promise of singing ‘. After a flood of unbeatable criticism, she is awarded the prestigious ‘Giraldillo Revelación 2016′ prize, being the youngest artist in history to achieve it, which catapults her to the forefront of the flamenco scene. In 2018 she releases her first studio album, called "La huella de mi sentío".