Maui was born in Utrera, Seville, historical cradle of flamenco, specifically in the El Tinte neighborhood. Her father and her uncle Miguel Vargas Jiménez, the great flamenco singer known as “Bambino”, were her first musical influences.

Maui de Utrera began singing when she was very young at celebrations and family gatherings, as well as in her school choir. At the age of eight, she began studying at the Elementary Conservatory of Music in Utrera and at the age of thirteen she began composing on her own. When she finished high school, she moved to Granada to continue her cello studies at the Royal Conservatory and to begin university studies at the Teacher Training School in the music specialty.

Throughout 16 years of career and five albums on the market -three with the band Los Sirénidos and two solo-, Maui has collaborated with artists such as Rosario, Antonio Canales, Jorge Pardo, Antílopez, Kiko Veneno, Jorge Pardo, El Kanka, Antonio Carmona or his own artistic godmother, Martirio. In all this time, she has more than proved that she is one of those artists who do not go unnoticed, neither artistically nor aesthetically. Maui has created her own style, a personal and unclassifiable style based on humor, theatricality and aesthetics that make her a unique artist.