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Niño de Elche is a cantaor, a singer of flamenco, but not as we know it. He is a multi-disciplinary artist and contemporary deconstructionist who combines flamenco singing and toque with performance art, poetry, improvisation, minimalism, singer-songwriting, rock and electronics.

Niño de Elche was born in 1985 in a family originally from Granada. At a very young age he began his career as a flamenco singer, participating in different competitions. Soon he began to be interested in other artistic movements, such as rap, performance and social activism. He has been considered by critics as one of the biggest flamenco renovators today. His work is hardly classifiable within a single genre. In addition to mixing musical genres such as jazz or electronics, its exploration is also linked to other artistic disciplines such as: performance, integrating audiovisual resources, phonetic poetry or dance. Elche has become an unexpected and unpredictable reference to challenging postures and structures in our artistic industry. In his performance he reinvents some of his essential sources (flamenco and others), without leaving aside the taste for dissent and provocation.