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Olga Pericet, an international creator, dancer and choreographer, shares her vibrant art at the world’s biggest festivals and theatres. Drinking deep from tradition, she throws herself into the unknown, displaying what has never been seen before in shows in which a flamenco of opposites beats: dark and luminous, feminine and masculine, disturbing and beautiful. She began her career in her hometown of Cordoba. She graduated from the Conservatorio Profesional Luis del Río, and continued her studies at the Maica Moyano School. She trained in flamenco, folklore, bolero and classical dance with masters such as Matilde Coral, Manolo Marín, Concha Calero, Cristobal Reyes, Juanjo Linares, Pedro Azorín, Eloy Pericet, Julio Príncipe and José Granero, among others. She has been a soloist and guest artist with companies such as Rafaela Carrasco, Nuevo Ballet Español, Arrieritos, Miguel Ángel Berna, Teresa Nieto, Belén Maya and the National Ballet of Spain. She has shared the stage with Ana Laguna, Nacho Duato and Enrique Morente.

A great renewer of flamenco, many awards recognize the technical mastery, harmony and beauty of her work. Some of her most recent awards include the National Dance Prize 2018; the ACE Extraordinary Theater Award 2016 (Association of Entertainment Critics of New York); the Max Award for the Performing Arts for Best Principal Dancer for Pisadas (2015); and the RNE Premio el Ojo (2014) for ‘Her versatility as a performer, her creativity and the courageous way she takes artistic risks’. Other awards include the Premio Flamenco Hoy a la Bailaora, awarded by Spanish specialist critics (2012); the Prize for the Best New Artist at the Festival de Jerez (2011); Max Award for Best Choreography for De Cabeza (2009); Pilar López National Flamenco Award (2007): Villa de Madrid Award for Best Dance Performance (2006); and First Prize for Choreography and Music at the Spanish Dance and Flamenco Contest of Madrid (2004).
Her most recent work is La Leona. Other shows include: Un cuerpo Infinito, La espina que quiso ser flor o la flor que soñó con ser bailaora (2017), for which she was awarded the Specialist Critic Award and the Chair of Flamencology at the Jerez Festival; FLAMENCO (Untitled), which premiered at the Repertorio Español in New York in 2015; Pisadas, fin y principio de una mujer  (2014), which earned her the Max award for Best Female Dancer; De una pieza , which premiered in 2012; and Rosa, Metal Ceniza (2011), her first solo work.