Guillermo Guillen & Gilbert Mansour, Nelida Tirado, Sonia Olla, New Bojaira


Studio BFPL: Encounters transforms the unique interior spaces of Brookfield Place with intimate and unique live music performances and social distance. The entire experience is 20 minutes long. Up to six people who have traveled together can expect to be entertained by these captivating experiences, with some of Arts Brookfield’s long-standing partners, including the New York Guitar Festival, Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra, Live Sounds and more. Your group of up to 6 people will be captivated by a surprise musical performer, an encounter you will not forget!

Registration opens the Monday before each show at 3pm.

Schedule of performances and tickets:

Friday; October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; November 6, 13 and 20
The entire experience will last 20 minutes and is scheduled between 5 and 9 pm EST.

The following elements are involved in each of the performances:

– Interactive element. At the beginning of each performance, the audience will choose one image from three that represent the elements air, water and earth. Depending on the photograph chosen, the artists will adapt their repertoire and interpret their piece, taking inspiration from the element chosen by the audience.

– Empty spaces full of art. Each show will take place in one of the commercial spaces that have been left empty as a result of the pandemic. Below, we include a photo.

– More performances and shorter duration of them. Instead of performing a long piece for a small group, we will perform five shows with time off between them, in order to reach more people.

– Educational program for families By means of a system of carpets separated by the safety distance, it will be possible to locate the families that attend the educational program. In this way, we will be able to reach more people. Below is a photo.


6 November 2020. Guillermo Guillen & Gilbert Mansour

6 November 2020. Performance by Nelida Tirado

7 November 2020. Family education program.

13 november 2020. Performance by Sonia Olla.

13 november 2020. Performance New Bojaira.

Guillermo Guillen & Gilbert Mansour, Nelida Tirado, Sonia Olla, New Bojaira