New York City Center

Jesús Carmona

Artistic residence: explorando la presencia desde la quietud

JOAQUIN DE LUZ & JESÚS CARMONA. Director: David Neumann
Studio Event: Fri, Mar 9 @ Barbara and David Zalaznick Studio, 6PM

//Residence Exploring Stillness
A conversation and performance with Jesús Carmona, Joaquín De Luz, and David Neumann
This artistic residence, that starts on Sunday March 4th and ends on Friday March 9th, the day that the artists will present its results to the audience in a Studio Event at the Barbara and David Zalaznick Studio, will focus on the presence from silence, the no-movement as a choreographical concept and the expressive force of quietness in dance. The aim is to generate a place for the creative exploration where investigation and cross-disciplines are essential parts of the process of generation of ideas. This project will be hosted by the New York City Center in March, between the 3rd and the 9th, and the final result will be presented in March 9th as a ‘work in progress’, giving enough freedom to the artists during the creative process.

Jesús Carmona

Flamenco dancer Jesús Carmona was born in Barcelona, studied Spanish dance and flamenco, began his career as first dancer of the Ballet Nacional de España and worked in the companies of Carmen Cortés, Güito, Rafael Amargo, Canales, La Truco and Nuevo Ballet Español among others. After winning the Desplante prize for dance in La Unión in 2012, and debuting with his company “Cuna Negra” in the last Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, he has firmly found a place in the new generation of flamenco artists with a lot to say and a lot to dance.

“The rapacious way he strides across stage space is terrific, the fast-slicing percussiveness of his feet is brilliant, and the glamorously alert lines and shapes he made through-out the body were almost as radiant as his smiles.”

“The brilliant incisiveness of his footwork raised the evening’s tension”

The New York Times