Sergio de Lope

Artistic Residency: El viaje del mirlo (Ellas)

Cante de las Minas de la Unión Instrumentalist Prize.

Sergio de Lope draws from traditional music towards a meeting point: flamenco, as a mirror of traditional Andalusian, Arab and Jewish music. Sergio de Lope’s approach is to make traditional Andalusian (Arab and Jewish) music and flamenco from the present, with a transgressive and innovative aesthetic.

Music never stops traveling, transforming and shaping itself with every step it takes. This is what happened with the journey of the Black Blackbird, the musician of Iraqi origin Ziryab, who left Bagdag and ended up at the court of Cordoba. How baggage he brought with him his skill and knowledge of Arabic music that revolutionized music in Al Andalus. The Black Black Blackbird has not stopped traveling and has come to our days in the form of a show where past and present will be discovered through the Arab Flamenco music and will describe us the landscapes, places and the most unknown and secret nooks and crannies of the oriental and occidental music.

Sergio de Lope creates this artistic proposal whose “cante del Mirlo Negro” will be starred by THREE FEMININE VOICES: Ángeles Toledano, Abir el Abed and Mor Karbasia, accompanied by piano (José Carra), electric bass (Juanfe Pérez), drums (Javier Rabadán).

So generous with you the rain as it falls
O days of union in al-Andalus!
—Ibn al Jatib

ELLAS for Sergio de Lope.

They are I. I am Them. They represent my musical and personal intimacy. Mor Karbasi is the part of me that is liberated from the past, her singing reminds me that I can fly freely. Abir el Abed represents the joy of living, of feeling happy because I am life. Angeles Toledano represents innocence, that I am love and also love music and flamenco. They symbolize the celebration of my rebirth, it is the fable of the mirrors, each person who crosses our lives is a small reflection of us. In this celebration, I want to be the reflection of your freedom, your joy and your love.

Sergio de Lope

Sergio de Lope, a flamenco-jazz flutist and saxophonist, was born in 1985 at Priego de Córdoba (Spain). He started his music studies of saxophone at 8 but it is at age 16 when he decides to start on the flute in a self-taught way to play Flamenco. Later, he is a graduated of the Advanced Music conservatory of Córdoba, specialising on Flamencology (“Flamecología”, in Spanish).