Jesús Carmona, Joaquín de Luz & David Neumann

Artistic Residency: Exploring stillness

A conversation and performance with Jesús Carmona, Joaquín De Luz, and David Neumann

This artistic Residence was part of Flamenco Festival New York 2018, which happened in 9 venues, including the New York City Center.

It lasted from Sunday March 4th to Friday March 9th, the day when the artists presented the results to an audience in a Studio Event at the Barbara and David Zalaznick Studio.

It focused on the presence from silence, the no-movement as a choreographical concept and the expressive force of quietness in dance. The aim was to generate a place for the creative exploration where investigation and cross-disciplines ere essential parts of the process of generation of ideas.

This project was hosted by the New York City Center. The final result was presented as a ‘work in progress’, giving enough freedom to the artists during the creative process.

Jesús Carmona, Joaquín de Luz & David Neumann