Dani de Moron & Aaron Diehl

Flamenco meets jazz - FF 2014

A creative collaboration showcasing two extraordinary instrumentalists from the beloved musical traditions of Spain and the United States, Dani de Morón, a rising star of flamenco guitar, will join jazz pianist Aaron Diehl and his Trio, along with captivating dancer Rosario Toledo, renowned percussionist Guillermo McGill in this original production. Aaron Diehl has been hailed by The New York Times as a “revelation,” while flamenco guitar virtuoso Dani de Morón is one of the up-and-coming flamenco guitarists in Spain today. This inventive program promises to spur imaginative performances that explore new musical horizons while celebrating the heritage of flamenco and jazz.

Commissioned by Flamenco Festival and Savannah Music Festival.


Flamenco Performers:
Dani de Morón, guitar
Guillermo McGill, percussion
Rosario Toledo, dance

Jazz Performers
Aaron Diehl, jazz
Yasushi Nakamura, bass

Dani de Moron & Aaron Diehl