Lilian Baylis Studio

Sara Jiménez

Ave de plata

In an imagined time and landscape, a hunter shoots a bird. After the bird’s fall, he discovers that, in the act of killing, he preys on himself.Ave de Plata, Silver Bird, explores, through the use of myth, an intimate and personal universe. Thus, the idea of love in the broadest sense of the word and the conception of life and death as regeneration of life place themselves in the center of an artwork in which both the celebrationand the tragedy take place.The metaphore of the bird and dressage fly over this piece by Sara Jiménez, in which Flamenco meets dance and contemporary music. At the same time and for this reason, this piece serves to reflect, using the body and movement as a tool, about flamenco from all its expansions, angles and fissures, about its situation in the axis between the traditional, the experimental and the identity.

Presented in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes

Sara Jiménez

Dancer from Granada specialized in flamenco and Spanish dance. She has collaborated with Antonio Rey and has been part of important festivals and flamenco events around the world. Until 2018 she was part of the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía as a solo dancer under the direction of Rafael Estévez. She currently continues her work as a performer and creator and actively collaborates with choreographers Eduardo Guerrero, Daniel Doña, and Wang Ramirez.