The Lowry

Rafaela Carrasco

ConCierto Gusto

After embracing different choreographical adventures that took her to faraway places, she’s in need of keeping on learning and growing up. After working with different instruments and musics that helped her telling her tiny histories –such big personal affairs, for her-, she just wants to dance. Without ornaments. Music, voice and dance. Together and alone, without needing each other and embracing the richness of their unión. Beautiful flamenco jewels that she borrows to show us her little inner world.

Rafaela Carrasco

“The Festival here did offer hope. Rafaela Carrasco […] appears on her way to creating truly original and modern flamenco, without gimmicks or pedantry. Her beautiful show was filled with atmospheric images evoking sensations and dreams […] But above all, Ms. Carrasco choreographed with contrapuntal complexity, meshing traditional moves with her own idiosyncratic and fluid style.”

The New York Times