Lilian Baylis Studio

Florencia Oz

In this day, in this world

In a showcase of elegance and energy, join award-winning flamenco dancer, Florencia Oz and her twin sister Isidora O´Ryain, in this culmination of a week-long artistic residency at Sadler’s Wells, a contemporary and minimalistic world of movement.
“In this day, in this world”, Florencia Oz and Isidora O’Ryan are exploring the disconnection from our natural rhythms. They observe how modern life often forces us into production cycles that stray from aligning with our body’s internal logic and its environment. Just as living organisms react to light in daily cycles known as circadian rhythms, their creation incorporates images, music, and movements deeply influenced by light and fundamental physical behaviors, mirroring the microbial world. This inspires a concrete and organic aesthetic, emphasizing circularity as a fundamental aspect of life and creation.

Presented in partnership with Instituto Cervantes.

Florencia Oz

Florencia O’Ryan Zúñiga (Santiago de Chile 1987) begins her studies at the Dance Faculty of the University of Chile and simultaneously actively participates in both schools and events related to the world of flamenco from the age of 16.