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Ballet Flamenco Jesús Carmona


Since his beginnings as a dancer in other companies, right through to the first steps with his own company and the maturity reached during those years, Jesús Carmona has always aimed to have his creations serve as a showcase for Spanish culture, on this occasion even going beyond that goal, making his work a breath of fresh air for the great musical compositions of his country.
This young dance superstar will present on the first edition of Flamenco Festival Manchester his Equilibrio, a very soulful performance that captures the emotions and passion that define flamenco art, being it traditional or rather contemporary.

Ballet Flamenco Jesús Carmona

“The rapacious way he strides across stage space is terrific, the fast-slicing percussiveness of his feet is brilliant, and the glamorously alert lines and shapes he made through-out the body were almost as radiant as his smiles.”

“The brilliant incisiveness of his footwork raised the evening’s tension”

The New York Times