Berklee Performance Center (Boston, MA)

Alfonso Losa

Espacio Creativo

  • Saturday 09 March 2024
  • 20:00 h
  • Berklee Performance Center (Boston, MA)
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A show created from reflections and debates on different concepts and perspectives, connections, limits, analogies, conclusions, roots, experiments, commandments, and iconoclasm that can occur in flamenco dance. Transcending mind-body-space-time and finding in its dance and experiences the materials with which to freely create a suite of flamenco dance, song, and guitar in which the dancer moves from the vertigo of the almost impossible pirouette and the devilish rhythmic score into the void, the powerlessness, and the helplessness that the forever departure of a loved one produces.

A dance sometimes sweet, sometimes dry and austere, other times curved and other times cubist, that are found in the classical, fierce and elegant forms, as well as the modern ones of the dancers who precede us, the masters of flamenco dance. Countless concepts explored from illusion, with the wild impulse of a leap and an endless tapping of feet, and the resoluteness of the metatarsal striking the boards to confirm the accents… and that we embrace with the warmth and roundness of traditional arm movements and that we can project with the energy and dryness of the straight line and the angles of the most avant-garde arm movements.

Because FLAMENCO is introspection, feelings, darkness with closed eyes, flashes of the past and present light, it is the closure of silence, concentration, effort, sorrow, joy, rage, the pleasure of sharing, the heart, the soul… it is language, it is a language, it is roots, it is contemporary, it is CREATIVE SPACE.

Alfonso Losa