Miami Dade County Auditorium. Miami, FL

Daniel Casares

Flamenco Rave

  • Sunday 25 March 2018
  • 18:00 h
  • Miami Dade County Auditorium. Miami, FL
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FUNDarte proudly presents Flamenco Rave, featuring DORANTES, Daniel Casares, Naike y Paquete, and Rosalía and Raül Refree, in concert on Sunday, March 25th at 6:00 p.m. at Miami Dade County Auditorium

Experience the explosive movement of contemporary flamenco that is currently taking Spain by storm in this day-long festival featuring the most challenging and innovative experiments in freshly updated flamenco expression from the Iberian peninsula. This program features several of Spain’s most celebrated talents in the Flamenco genre: master pianist DORANTES, as well as acclaimed contemporary artists Daniel Casares, Naike y Paquete, vocalist Rosalía and guitarist Raül Refree. These artists are known worldwide for their daring and bold flamenco style, blending the traditional grit and audacity of Flamenco with smooth contemporary influences to create a musical fusion that is hypnotic and mesmerizing, breathtaking and passionate, at once ancient and new.

Daniel Casares

A virtuosic guitarist, Daniel Casares presents his acclaimed show Picassares, which pays tribute to his fellow countryman from Malaga, the legendary painter Pablo Picasso. Through this remarkable program, Casares conveys the essence of flamenco, and thanks Picasso, a lover of flamenco and especially the guitar, for the impact his work and genius has had on his music. He is joined by dancer Sergio Aranda and musicians on guitar, violin and percussion.