Manolete, Antonio Canales, Juana Amaya, Manuel Soler, Farruquito, Farru

Gala de Andalucía - FF 2003

Spanning three generations, these legendary artists represent flamenco in all its passionate and fiery glory – each of them true to its roots in his or her own distinctive way. Though Manolete was born in 1945 and Farruco in 1985, they share a devotion to their heritage, and set the highest standards for themselves. Like the other distinguished dancers at the Gala, Antonio Canales, Juana Amaya and Farruquito, they also add their own distinctive imprint to their dances, bringing to their interpretations their most intense emotional experiences. In their performances, technique and passion become one.

Born in the Granada caves, Manolete expresses a deep understanding of Gypsy tradition, while the dashing young brothers, Farruco and Farruquito from Seville, grandsons of the great Farruco, put their youthful stamp on it. But Farruquito believes that “to mix flamenco with other genres is to show a lack of respect” and dedicates himself to revealing its purity and truth. The great Antonio Canales, winner of the National Award of Dance, experiments with tangos and creates a drama about the Minotaur, using Bjork’s music as accompaniment. Taking Carmen Amaya as her ideal, the dazzling Juana Amaya explores the roots of flamenco with electrifying results, creating gorgeous images on stage.


Antonio Canales
Juana Amaya

Jorge El Canastero
Enrique el Extremeño
José Jimenez
Jonny Cortes
La Tana
José Valencia

Paco Fernández
Basilio García
Raúl El Perla
Camarón de Pitita
Roman Vicenti
El Viejín

Manuel Soler

Manolete, Antonio Canales, Juana Amaya, Manuel Soler, Farruquito, Farru