Dubai Opera

Ballet Flamenco Jesús Carmona


  • Friday 21 September 2018
  • 19:30 h
  • Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre
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Jesús Carmona, from his early career with other companies, his first steps with his own company through to artistic maturity, has always sought to showcase our culture in his work; experimenting further this time by presenting a fresh artistic interpretation of our country’s great musical scores. In this show he wanted to reflect all the works that have enabled him to grow as an artist and which have in some way influenced his life and his character, both professionally and personally. His strength and energy can be defined in a single word: ÍMPETU’S!! Various pieces from the great composers have been adapted to create a new, innovative programme, which, by maintaining the underlying great musical scores, ensures an emotionally charged show.

DIRECTION: Jesús Carmona
DANCERS: Jesús Carmona, Lucía Campillo, Tamara López, María Moreno, Ángel Reyes, Fernando Jiménez
SINGER: Juan José Amador
GUITARS: Daniel Jurado, Oscar Lago
VIOLiN: Thomas Potirón
COREOGRAPHY: Jesús Carmona
MUSIC: Daniel Jurado y Oscar Lago
DRESS DESIGN: Belen De La Quintana
SHOES: Begoña Cervera
LIGHTS: David Pérez

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Ballet Flamenco Jesús Carmona

“The rapacious way he strides across stage space is terrific, the fast-slicing percussiveness of his feet is brilliant, and the glamorously alert lines and shapes he made through-out the body were almost as radiant as his smiles.”

“The brilliant incisiveness of his footwork raised the evening’s tension”

The New York Times