Peacock Foundation Studio @ Adrienne Arsht Center

Irene Lozano 'La Chiqui'

Las Mujeres que Habitan en Mí

  • Thursday 16 March 2023
  • 19:30 h
  • Peacock Foundation Studio @ Adrienne Arsht Center
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Irene Lozano is one of the greatest talents in the new generation of flamenco dance. Recently she was awarded with “Premio Desplante” at the Festival Internacional de Minas, one of the most prestigious flamenco awards in the world.

“Las Mujeres Que Habitan en Mi” is a stunning tribute to all of the women and the possibilities that have influenced her life and art.

“The women who live within me, those whose lives I have not been able to live and those whose lives I have been able to live. Due to the circumstances of life and the profession to which I have dedicated myself since I was four years old, there are many moments as an adolescent girl and woman that I could not live, as well as experiences that made me become an adult very soon. There are many women who have made me who I am today and have influenced what my dance has become. All the women I wasn’t and the women I lived.” – Irene Lozano

Irene Lozano 'La Chiqui'

From a very young age she dreamed of being an artist and dancer like Carmen Amaya, so at the early age of four she began her journey in the world of dance. Irene Lozano weaves the traditional elements of flamenco, modern dance and ballet in a sophisticated way, creating choreographies overflowing with nuances.