Carnival Studio@Adrienne Arsht Center

Rycardo Moreno

Mi Esencia

  • Saturday 02 March 2024
  • 19:30 h
  • Carnival Studio@Adrienne Arsht Center
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Rycardo Moreno is a noted flamenco and jazz guitarist, outstanding producer, arranger and composer. Moreno was born in Lebrija into a Gypsy family and started playing music at 11 years old. His career has included collaborations with Dorantes, Esperanza Fernandez, Buika and El Lebrijano. His two first albums, Varekai (2015) and Agaleano (2017), a tribute to Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, placed him at the forefront of the flamenco guitar scene. His music represents his Gypsy heritage of Lebrija and the Cuban heritage of his great-grandmother.

Moreno will be joined by electrifying dancer José Maya, who has collaborated with renowned flamenco artists such as Farruquito, El Güito, Manolete, Estrella Morente, Gerardo Núñez and Diego El Cigala and has opened for pop stars Marc Anthony, Beyoncé and Björk.

Rycardo Moreno

Rycardo Moreno, is musical producer, arranger, composer and guitarist. He collaborates with the many different important flamenco artists and is actually also touring “A Galeano” (his second album as artist), a tribute to the writer Eduardo Galeano.