Roulette (Brooklyn, NY)

Flamenco Eñe: Rancapino Chico

Por mi amor al arte (For my love of art)

  • Saturday 28 March 2020
  • 20:00 h
  • Roulette (Brooklyn, NY)
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Rancapino Chico is one of the best flamenco singers of the new generation, as well as an artist true to his principles, with a pure and honest style. In Flamenco Festival New York, he will present ‘Por mi amor al arte’ (For my love to art). This is a show that playacts and reproduces a new version of his latest album: a live recording to which he invited a great group of artists. Also, between alegrías, fandangos, seguiriyas, bulerías, soleares, tangos, and one zambra.

Co-presented by Robert Browning Associates and Flamenco Festival. This concert is part of the series Flamenco Eñe co-organized with Fundación SGAE.


Flamenco Eñe: Rancapino Chico