The Appel Room

Chano Domínguez, Dick Hyman, Sullivan Fortner, Joey Alexander

Rags, Strides & Habaneras

Rags, Strides & Habaneras is a visually dazzling showcase of musical traditions at the core of jazz, Latin jazz, and popular styles from throughout the Americas. Four brilliant pianists and two of New York City’s most captivating dancers will bring to life a virtuosic repertoire rooted in Africa and developed through New Orleans, Harlem, Argentina, Cuba, and Spain. Pianists include 90-year-old national treasure Dick Hyman; 14-year-old prodigy Joey Alexander; flamenco jazz genius Chano Dominguez; and rising star Sullivan Fortner, the American Pianists Association’s 2015 Cole Porter Fellow. Tearing up the stage will be tap dancer Jared Grimes and the young phenomenon Eddie Torres, Jr.

Chano Domínguez, Dick Hyman, Sullivan Fortner, Joey Alexander

“To a listener unfamiliar with the work of Mr. Dominguez, it serves as a sampler of his stunning virtuosity, and joyous fusion of flamenco and jazz. To those already engaged in his musical voyage, it represents a snapshot along the way to new horizons, behind the moon, beyond the rain.” All About Jazz

Chano Domínguez is one of the most celebrated of jazz pianists and composers. His singular work is defined by his flamenco origins. In more than 40 years of his career, he has dazzled all kinds of audiences, including other musicians spanning both worlds of jazz and flamenco.