Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox

Proyecto Lanza Cristian Martín

Artistic Residency: Acto I. Lugar de encuentro

  • Saturday 20 May 2023
  • Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox
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In “Act I. Lugar de encuentro” we propose to establish links with relevant artists of the territory we inhabit, to generate a unique scenic event in constant transformation, capable of projecting from the roots to more contemporary and identity-based scenic concepts, causing a link and a commitment to the community that hosts it. From this close relationship is from where the commitment to the community is born, giving rise to a show whose germ is born and developed in that territory.

In the research and creation of my latest work Entre Hilos y huesos, I have approached many stories of bodies crossed by the Civil War and by the violent aftershock that happened once it was over. Stories that mark the social and cultural identity and that have irremediably activated in me a series of questions about mourning, mourning, rites of passage or cruelty.

Death and life are universal biological facts, however, radically crossed by culture since the beliefs around them make us live them in such diverse ways that it is not the same to be born or die in Asia than in Europe or Africa or even in an urban or rural environment. Humans are the only animal that buries their dead and we can consider that the rituals we have created for burial mark the passage from nature to culture.

Proyecto Lanza Cristian Martín