Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox

Julio Ruiz

Artistic Residency: El Tacto

  • Wednesday 12 April 2023
  • Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox
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‘El Tacto’ is a work of creation through flamenco, dance and performance, to reaffirm an identity through the skin of the other. I am in a process of research beyond any label, I am in search of a language that is as personal and organic as possible. I want to re-establish values, thoughts, sensations and feelings that until now I have not been able to question deeply, stigmas that are introduced into us without being able to select them, without being able to decide what we keep and what we don’t keep. One of the tools I turn to is self-questioning:

What does my body feel when I am touched, how does my skin react to other skin? I have always danced alone, without other skin nearby, so I find peace, decision, mastery and stability. With time I discover that I only dance for anyone who wants to look at me. Maybe now the best scenario is that another body is nearby. Many times I have asked myself if I would dance for no one and the answer is no.

What if instead of looking at me, you dance with me? Rubbing your skin by inertia. Smell your hair as you lean against my chest. Holding your weight. To look into your eyes so close that I don’t know if I’m seeing my own eyes.
 Dancing with a man. That man doesn’t have to be someone else, I can be myself.

‘El Tacto’ is not a show, nor a performance, it is a story in which I tell these emotions that apparently can be words without further ado, but that, through movement and dance with another body, begin to make sense.

Julio Ruiz

Bailaor y coreógrafo, formado en Danza Española, Flamenco y Danza Contemporánea, desarrolla su visión del arte, la escena y la danza a través de su compañía.