Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox


Artistic Residency: Puerto Alegría

  • Friday 10 March 2023
  • 20:00 h
  • Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox
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Based on real events, but with small doses of fantasy, a lot of humour and songs, with this new project we get to know the insides of Maui’s colourful character, once again seducing the spectator in short distances, revealing untold truths from the other side of the music, his most theatrical and brave work to date. The sun was setting over the horizon on the beach of Utrera, where the waves take off to the beat …the breaded steaks were coming to an end, and a strange breeze was whistling soleá.

What will be on the other side? Thus begins this unusual journey through the adventures and misadventures of an artist who, without knowing how to swim, set off with her little boat across a sea of doubts and with curiosity as a lighted beacon. The swaying of the waves, a very inhabited solitude, a fishing rod, the oar of constancy, her kaleidoscope and the joke as a rudder… are some of the elements with which, surprisingly, our protagonist always manages to reach a safe harbour.

Artistic Team:

Maui (guitar, cello, percussion, piano)
Stage Direction: Patricia Ruz
Sound: Pablo Martín Jones
Scenery and lighting: Antiel
Wardrobe: Barbara Mauriño
Audiovisuals: Antonio Ledesma
Photo: Erregiro


Maui, the Flamenco singer and songwriter will cook a traditional Gypsy dish for the public while she sings and tells stories as is tradition in her native Utrera. Maui will not be alone on stage: She will be accompanied by live musicians and her good friends who will make surprise guest appearances that is sure to be a great time around the cooking pot. A combination of vermouth, friends and good atmosphere.