The Centennial Memorial Temple (NUEVA YORK, NY)

Sergio de Lope


  • Saturday 16 March 2024
  • 19:00 h
  • The Centennial Memorial Temple (NUEVA YORK, NY)
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Sergio de Lope Trío & Manhattan Wind Ensemble

According to critics, Sergio de Lope is today one of the central figures of the so-called second generation of flamenco-jazz. In his compositions different genres are constantly crossing: flamenco, neoflamenco, electric jazz, and psychedelic rock.
Nearly fifty years after Paco de Lucía’s sextet incorporated new instruments into flamenco, Sergio de Lope presents Unlimited, a groundbreaking and revolutionary project for flamenco and orchestral music. For the first time, this work seeks to create flamenco music specifically for Wind Ensembles, a type of ensemble composed of orchestral wind and percussion instruments. Sergio wants to go beyond traditional flamenco by breaking down barriers and bringing this genre to new musicians and new audiences.
Alongside a classical wind band repertoire, the Manhattan Wind Ensemble prioritizes performing and supporting new music that fuses and celebrates genres and cultures still relatively new to the medium of symphonic winds.
The collaboration with the Sergio de Lope Trío actualizes a performance truly ‘without limits’ by honoring flamenco in these types of ensembles.

Sergio de Lope

Sergio de Lope, a flamenco-jazz flutist and saxophonist, was born in 1985 at Priego de Córdoba (Spain). He started his music studies of saxophone at 8 but it is at age 16 when he decides to start on the flute in a self-taught way to play Flamenco. Later, he is a graduated of the Advanced Music conservatory of Córdoba, specialising on Flamencology (“Flamecología”, in Spanish).