Instituto Cervantes (New York, NY)

Teo Sánchez

'Flamenco mixes & remixes' (A reaction sequence)

  • Thursday 21 April 2022
  • 19:00 h
  • Instituto Cervantes (New York, NY)

‘Flamenco mixes & remixes’ (A reaction sequence), conference by journalist Teo Sánchez, radio host of ‘Duendeando’ (Radio 3, RNE).

Even before being thought of as ‘flamenco’, this art was a result of the mixture of musical forms, dances and cultures. Flamenco is living, proactive, evolving and influential music. The traditional forms of dance, guitar and song frequently attract musicians of different origins who might bring new instruments to the music. At times in isolation, at times experimental and sometimes with exquisite results. In the latter case, and regardless of the African or Eastern elements, the influence and relationships with some forms of music from the American continent stand out. This connection has led to development of rhythmic patterns of the genre. The back and forth movements have created unique styles which have discovered the Peruvian cajón in the flamenco sound and even stimulated the birth of a subgenre, flamenco-jazz. The conference narrates some of these relationships between flamenco and other genres and the very diverse results. Sometimes anecdotal, at other times they are fundamental to the history of this art.

In collaboration with Instituto Cervantes New York and part of the World Flamenco Congress.

Free admission

Teo Sánchez