Lilian Baylis Studio

Angelita Montoya

Flamenco Eñe: Versos Olvidados

  • Saturday 24 February 2018
  • 17:30 h
  • Lilian Baylis Studio
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  • Friday 16 March 2018
  • 20:00 h
  • Roulette (Brooklyn, NY)
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Recently, she has recorded her debut album “Versos Olvidados” directed, composed and produced by Alejandro Cruz Benavides. This album is a tribute to the Spanish female poets of the well- known “Generación del 27”. Women in the first decades of 20th Century tried not only to write, but to make their voices heard. Women who wanted to find a place in a world only for men and who struggled against an education that marked a path very different from the one that they desired. The end of 19th Century was a period of transformation and rupture in every area of Spanish society. And it probably was the most interesting, participative and beneficial moment for women in the history of the country. This period had its best years with the 2nd Spanish Republic and it finished with the Spanish Civil War. With this album, Angelita Montoya pays tribute to those female poets around the “Generación del 27” that, despite having received some recognition, have been sent to oblivion. GNP producciones has rescued and brought to life some of their poems with the music of Alejandro Cruz Benavides and the voice of Angelita Montoya, for their 90th anniversary.

Angelita Montoya

Angelita Montoya, 1971. Coming from the remarkable Montoya Family, where she has developed as an artist. Daughter of dancer Juan Montoya and singer Antonia Rodriguez, she debuted with 9 years old with the flamenco show “Nuevo Día”, directed by “Lole and Manuel”.