Without permission. Songs for the silence

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Ana Morales · Guillermo Weickert
23 February 2018
Lilian Baylis Studio

Ana Morales and Guillermo Weickert will share on Flamenco Festival London the result of a ten-days residence in which the artists explore silence as a performing and musical element, working with the idea that a fearful frenzy can create movement. Their starting point: silence – even if it belongs to our daily life – is sometimes scary and uncalming; a panic situation that can get us to our limits, provoking a vertigo we can’t handle. In their residence, Morales & Weickert plan to work from flamenco and contemporary dance, using the sensation of ‘no noise’, letting emotions open up since our inner selves and getting in touch with their audience creating contact through the mantric sound and the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) process.


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