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from July 2 to 14th

For the first time, Flamenco Festival London comes to Sadler’s Wells in July. Start off the summer with a blast of fiery flamenco from the most exciting and legendary names in flamenco, in a programme that encompasses music and dance, the cutting-edge and the classical, with artists crossing both genre and gender divides, as they explore what flamenco is, and can be.

Program ff london 2019

  1. Tuesday 2 · Wednesday 3 · Thursday 4 · Friday 5 · Saturday 6 · Sunday 7 July
    Sadler's Wells Theatre

    Sara Baras


    Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of her dance company, “Sombras”…

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  2. Thursday 4 July
    Rich Mix

    Jesús Carmona, Andrés Mérida

    Be Hold. Be Heard. Poetry + Flamenco

    Work-in-progress Sharing Three Spanish artists working in the spirit of…

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  3. Friday 5 July
    Rich Mix

    Rosario "La Tremendita", La Shica, Didi Gutman

    Women at the Edge: Rosario “La Tremendita” & La Shica with Didi Gutman

    (Español) Rosario “La Tremendita” / Delirium Tremens. Jazz, rock y…

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  4. Friday 5 July
    Studio A

    Olga Pericet, Patricia Guerrero, Mercedes Ruiz, Sara Baras



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  5. Saturday 6 July
    Cervantes Theatre

    Diego Villegas

    Bajo de Guía

    Diego Villegas, in his first album Bajo de Guía brings…

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  6. Saturday 6 July
    Cervantes Theatre

    Jesús Ortega, Manuel Pajares, Sergio García, Juan Manuel Moreno

    Flamenco Abierto

    It arises from the need to share the feeling of…

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  7. Saturday 6 July
    Lilian Baylis Studio

    Amir ElSaffar Ensemble

    Shubbak Festival: Luminiscencia

    The acclaimed Iraqi-American musician Amir ElSaffar is known for effortlessly…

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  8. Monday 8 July
    Sadler's Wells Theatre

    Miguel Poveda

    Recital de cante

    The flamenco singer Miguel Poveda is renowned for both his…

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  9. Tuesday 9 July
    Sadler's Wells Theatre

    Rocío Molina

    Caída del cielo

    The type of flamenco that Rocío Molina proposes in Caída…

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  10. Wednesday 10 July
    Rich Mix

    Nanako Aramaki


    A flamenco dancer, spoken word artist, guitarist and percussionist join…

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  11. Wednesday 10 July
    Sadler's Wells Theatre

    Dorantes, Tim Ries, Adam Ben Ezra, Jesús Carmona

    Flamenco Meets Jazz London

    This program brings together three exceptional artists who have been…

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  12. Thursday 11 July
    Cervantes Theatre

    Antonio Lizana

    Jazz Eñe: Oriente

    Admired as a saxophonist, vocalist and composer,
he has mastered both…

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  13. Thursday 11 July
    Sadler's Wells Theatre

    Olga Pericet

    The thorn that wanted to be a flower, or the flower that dreamed of being a dancer

    With this show, Olga Pericet embarks upon a personal journey…

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  14. Friday 12 July
    Lilian Baylis Studio

    Flamenco Eñe: David Carmona

    Un sueño de locura

    A virtuoso of flamenco guitar, David Carmona performs “a crazy…

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  15. Friday 12 · Saturday 13 July
    Sadler's Wells Theatre

    Mercedes Ruiz, Eduardo Guerrero, María Moreno, María Terremoto

    Gala Flamenca

    Always a highlight of the Flamenco Festival, the annual Gala…

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  16. Friday 12 July
    Lilian Baylis Studio

    Flamenco Eñe: Kiki Morente


    The son of a legendary cantaor and a bailaora, the…

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  17. Saturday 13 July
    Lilian Baylis Studio

    Jesús Carmona

    Residency Sharing

    Formed over an intensive week-long artistic residency with the festival,…

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  18. Saturday 13 July
    Lilian Baylis Studio

    Sergio de Lope

    Ser de Luz

    The award-winning flautist and saxophonist Sergio de Lope brings true…

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  19. Sunday 14 July
    Sadler's Wells Theatre

    Patricia Guerrero


    It is the beat and the dance out of context,…

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