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14 July 2019 19:30 h Sadler’s Wells Theatre BUY TICKETS

It is the beat and the dance out of context, voice and percussion, joyful music. And on top, nourishing, floats the story, a reflection over what’s mystic, a character above reality with an essence between human and divine, living its story in mourning, in threat, in fear.
It is transit, transformation, loss, madness. It is the attempt to defeat destiny. Catedral is all about an initiation in which the devoted observer comes to a stop, silence their words, and set their hearts ready for the sacred liturgy of the dance, for the dialogue with the world of creation. It is the connection of our outer space, the profane, with the sacred inside.

It is the Dance that, as an Architect, organizes a structure that allows it, through the use of technique, to transfigure and dissolve all substance of the building elements, reaching clear sensations of elevation and ingravity.


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