Guitarrísimo: entre primas

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23 February 2018
Lilian Baylis Studio

In “Entre primas”, three women are going to take the world on a journey to explore the depths of flamenco with its original compositions, through the voice of Alicia Morales, the guitar of Antonia Jiménez and the percussion of Nasrine Rahmani. As a celebration of the amazing achievements of female artists in this genre, the trio joins Flamenco Festival London with a show, both intimate and expansive, that aims to unveil traditional flamenco flavors from a contemporary perspective. Romances, taranta, marianas, granaína… Styles that immerse us in a comfortable world, open for the enjoyment of unexpected melodic detours, nuances of dynamics and dissonances, where richness and formal behavior of its compositions ensue their expressiveness and intelligibility.


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