Olga Pericet

Pisadas, Fin y Principio de Mujer

Olga Pericet discovers that every end is a new beginning; she outlines her steps looking at the past while awaiting the future.

“Pisadas, A Woman´s End and Beginning”, is a show where Olga Pericet breaks away from the pre-established codes, creating a feminine universe with a visual and choreographic language that asserts the personal journey of this versatile artist."

The show is approached from a female perspective, where women are the protagonists of their own path.  Pericet presents the cycles of life, claiming for the human need to embrace it throughout time:  reconnecting with one´s origins, with mortality, with life rituals. These life rituals or ceremonies as experienced by women are at the core of Pisadas."

The story leads to a celebration of the present where women are the threads that hold the show together.