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Composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, one man band, educator, cellular resonance therapist and sound alchemist based in London. Sabio associated himself with music and art since early childhood. In 2005 he obtained his Master’s Degree in Classical Percussion and in 2008 he studied music production at London Centre of Contemporary Music (UK).

He has over 20 years of experience as a composer and session multi-instrumentalist. His experience of working together with world-famous artists has developed his unique ability to be able to play more than 100 instruments. This particular skill allows him to be a very flexible musician, producer and composer. It is my passion to investigate the phenomenon of vibration, sound and light. After many years of music education, I realised one day that I knew nothing about sound and music. I decided to study and approach it in a new way, and the turning point for me happened in 2012 when I became a certified Cellular Resonance Therapist. During the course of my studies, I became familiar with Chinese Medicine, tuning forks and vibrational acupuncture therapy coupled with the science of sound and vibration. This knowledge had a huge impact on my artistic work and opened another dimension to my understanding of sound. My main focus is to work with sound on a micro- vibrational level, discovering how it relates to the physical body on a cellular level and how it can affect the make-up and quality of even our blood. My approach integrates many different sources of information. My greatest interest is investigating the relationship between sound, body, mind and spirit. They include bio-acoustics, applied movement neurology, nervous system with vibration, blood and sound, cymatics, physics, epigenetics, neuroscience and ancient cultural knowledge about sound and colour, including mystic and shamanic traditions. My desire is to share this information, as it has had a profound and positive impact on my perception and understanding of everyday life. Sharing is giving, giving is receiving, receiving is growing. Some artist and organisations Sabio have worked with : Since 2008 Sabio has been working mainly as an accompanist, composer and performer collaborating with dancers, artists, choreographers and dance companies in the UK and abroad. Some of collaborations includes: Hagit Yakira Dance, Hofesh Shechter Company, The Place, Royal School of Ballet , Trinity Laban, School of Machines, Roehampton Uni, RAD , Richard Alston Dance Company, New Adventures, Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London College of Fashion, International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw, LCP dance theatre ,YLE.-Finnish Broadcasting Company, SYD-Shoreditch Youth Dance, Deborah Galloway(Needlefoot), Victor Fung, Nuno Silva, STDM, Arts Odyssey, Dance Digital, Alchemy Project, Darren Ellis Dance – Arts Trust.