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  • Flamenco Festival London Closes its 19th Edition with 18,500 Spectators Applauding the most Relevant Figures of Flamenco

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  • National Ballet of Spain, Sara Jiménez and Florencia Oz, and the Voice of María José Llergo Take Center Stage in the Final Stretch of the 19th Flamenco Festival London

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  • The Cervantes Institute continues its commitment to the internationalization of flamenco hand in hand with Flamenco Festival London 2024

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  • Flamenco Festival London 2024 brings a new look at the Spanish guitar and modern singing

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  • Flamenco Festival London 2024: Flamenco dance in all its dimensions

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  • Flamenco Festival Gathers more than 32,500 spectators in Its 23rd Edition, with 44 unforgettable shows in memory of Paco de Lucía

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The largest flamenco platform in the international scene
Flamenco Festival 20 Years artists Operating since 1996, Flamenco Festival is the main international flamenco promoter in the world. Its mission is to promote and spread the richness and variety of flamenco art, from traditional flamenco to the most avant-garde proposals.
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  • Sadler's Wells has struck gold with its annual season of flamenco

    - The Independent

  • One of the year's biggest dance events in New York City

    - The New York Times

  • One of New York's City's most important events

    - Newsday

  • This was flamenco puro in its most fabulous form, dominated – as it should be – by the voice

    - Dance Tabs

  • The lively music and passionate choreography just might leave you shouting olé!

    - Time Out NYC

  • Rarely have I witnessed a prolonged standing ovation midway through a show but it happened here

    - Dance Tabs

  • A classy platform for three distinctly talented vocalists

    - The Times

  • The month of February has become the 'jondo' month in New York

    - ABC