HomeliveIN-PROGRESS: In-Progress 2023 Call for Proposals

IN-PROGRESS: In-Progress 2023 Call for Proposals



Flamenco Festival, Fundación Concienciarte and Torrox Town Hall announce the II Edition of the residencies and creative laboratories program, “In Progress“, which in the 2023 edition counts with the collaboration of la Bienal de Málaga.

In 2021 the first edition of the program “In Progress” was launched in Torrox, which has been a creative meeting point for artists, both internationally renowned and new values of flamenco. In this 2022 edition, 10 companies have participated: Olga Pericet, Rocío Márquez & Bronquio, Olga Pericet, Sergio de Lope, Ana Morales, Compañía Musa, Sara Jiménez, Charo Martín, El colectivo (José Maldonado, Mariana Collado, Karen Lugo), Lucia Campillo and Alberto Sellés.

In-Progress drinks from the experience and spirit of the program initiated in 2012 “Flamenco Lab” , with a journey of 14 residencies articulated in collaboration with some world reference centers such as Sadler’s Wells, New York City Center, Jazz at Lincoln Center or Adrienne Arsht Center. More than 75 artists such as Rocío Molina, Dorantes, Jesús Carmona, Joaquín de Luz or Esperanza Fernández have participated so far.

The City Council of Torrox, commitment to creativity and culture as an engine for economic and social revitalization of the municipality, and puts at the service of “In Progress” the facilities of its brand new “Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox“. In this 2023 edition of “In Progress“, the Biennial of Malaga, which will host some of the samples of the results of the residencies.


The intention of “In Progress” is to broaden the creative horizons in flamenco by providing a safe space for inquiry and experimentation. We intend to reflect on issues of social relevance, understanding art as a tool for individual and collective transformation. On the other hand, we want to foster dialogue and understanding through encounters with artists from different disciplines, countries and/or cultural traditions.

We believe in coexistence and sharing as a creative engine, so we offer a space for work and meeting in a natural environment, away from the daily occupations and distractions.
We have a team of advisors who accompany the artist to deepen the conceptual development of the show, or in the facets in which the artist wants to focus his exploration. In addition, we offer production advice, depending on the profile and structure of the participating artists.

In Progress” is born as a Glocal, local and global project, favoring the emergence of creative poles outside the big cities, as well as promoting the international projection of flamenco creation through the activities that we regularly organize with Flamenco Festival’s collaborating theaters in London, New York and Miami.


The selection of the proposals of creative processes for the residencies will be made according to the following rules:

1. Recipients: This residency program is aimed at creators and creators of flamenco in all its scenic expressions.

2. Types of residencies and duration:
– Creative Residencies for a period of up to 3 weeks.
– Technical Residencies for a period of up to 6 days.

3. Content of the residency:
– Work space: room or stage of the Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox.
– Technical equipment of the theater. Both the technical and creative residencies will have the technical equipment and personnel of the Theater to carry out technical tests for a period of up to 6 days. The technical sheet of the theater can be downloaded here.
– Accommodation in a rural house, with capacity for up to 12 people in shared rooms.
– Artistic accompaniment.
– Production support.
– Financial allowance to cover meals for the companies up to a maximum of €2,000 per company.
– The selected companies will carry out a presentation of the show resulting from the creative process proposal for the residency. This presentation may take the form of an open rehearsal
open rehearsal or pre-premiere. In the latter case, a fee will be paid, which will be agreed with the company according to the number of participants.

4. Timetable:
– Period for receipt of proposals: from December 7, 2022 through April 1, 2023. The selection committee will meet in December and May to evaluate the proposals received up to those dates. For the residencies to be held in the first part of the year, it is recommended to submit the proposals before December 21 to be evaluated by the December committee.
– Publication of selected proposals: January 2023 and May 2023.
– Period for the development of the residencies: between January 2023 and December 2023. Dates and schedules will be previously agreed upon depending on the availability of spaces.

5. Application. Each participant will fill out the form (link here), providing the data of the proposal that will be evaluated by the commission formed for the selection of the residencies.

6. Development of the Residencies. The residencies will take place mainly
in the Municipal Theater Villa de Torrox.
– The lodging will be in rural houses with capacity for a maximum of 12 people in shared rooms. Transportation will not be provided and participants will need to have their own vehicle.
– The house also has a rehearsal room.
– Depending on the nature and objectives of the proposed creative process, the residency may be extended in a second phase to collaborating theaters of the Flamenco Festival, such as: Sadler’s Wells in London, New York City Center, or New York City Center.
London, New York City Center, or Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami.

7. Selection of the proposals. The selection will be carried out by a commission formed by professionals of the sector, and its resolution will be made public in the web pages flamencofestival.org, and torrox.es. The committee may choose to conduct a personal interview with the shortlisted artists.
– The quality and originality of the proposal will be valued, as well as the theme and its convergence with the purpose of the “In Progress” program.
– The beneficiary artists will sign a letter of commitment at the time of acceptance of the residency with all the terms, benefits and obligations required.

8. Counterparts to be made by the selected creative process proposals:
– Perform an activity for the citizens of Torrox.
– Open rehearsal, pre-premiere or exhibition of the show resulting from the residency at the Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox, within a cycle that will include the various creations of the residencies carried out. For this exhibition, in the case of pre-premiere, will be paid a fee to be determined as indicated in point 3 of the terms and conditions of the call.
– Participate in a promotional video or making off of the residency, as well as in the promotional activities organized for the dissemination of the residency program.
– Mention and publish in a visible place in all dissemination and communication materials the logos of Fundación Concienciarte, Flamenco Festival, and the Municipality of Torrox with the legend: “Show developed in the In Progress residency at the Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox,
Best Climate in Europe”.

9. Contact
– inprogress@flamencofestival.org
– inprogress@concienciarte.org

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