HomeliveThe other two highlights of Flamenco Festival New York: Sorolla's painting and Alejandro Hurtado's guitar at the Hispanic Society of America, or the Symposium on Paco de Lucía

The other two highlights of Flamenco Festival New York: Sorolla’s painting and Alejandro Hurtado’s guitar at the Hispanic Society of America, or the Symposium on Paco de Lucía

Art and flamenco will also come together in this edition of Flamenco Festival New York through a new collaboration, which continues to expand ties in the city and will materialize in a unique proposal focusing on the work of the Valencian painter Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida.
The artist undertook his most significant project, "Vision of Spain," also known as "The Regions of Spain," for the Hispanic Society of America in New York, dedicating his greatest efforts to it. This series of 14 canvases constitutes one of the painter's most magnificent collections. It will be at the Hispanic Society of America on March 6th and it will feature performances in front of different artworks, showcasing flamenco singer Gabriel de la Tomasa, guitarist Alejandro Hurtado, dancers Inmaculada Salomón, Estela Alonso, and the director of the National Ballet of Spain, Rubén Olmo. Flamenco in the Classroom Simultaneously, other significant events will enrich the Flamenco Festival experience in the city. In line with the tribute to the legacy and figure of Paco de Lucía from various perspectives and disciplines, New York will also be a meeting place for reflection and dialogue on the exceptional musician. The symposium on Paco de Lucía organized by the Foundation for Iberian Music (The City University of New York) is the first academic event on Paco de Lucía held in the United States. It will take place on March 7th, with participants including Francisco Javier Bethencourt Llobet from the Complutense University of Madrid, composer and guitarist Pedro Cortés, composer, guitarist, and professor René Heredia, among others. Their respective interventions will focus on the indelible influence of America on Paco de Lucía and, conversely, the impact of Paco de Lucía on music and musicians in America. Thus, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Paco de Lucía's death, this symposium will investigate his transformative influence on the global music scene. Admission is free upon prior registration here. Additionally, on March 6th, as a result of collaboration between Flamenco Festival and the Cervantes Institute, aligned with the Institute's commitment to showcasing flamenco as a mestizo art of encounter and frontier, the New York branch of the institution will host an emotional tribute to Vicente Espinel, featuring a conference by Juan José Téllez. This event connects with the World Congress of Flamenco organized by the Cervantes Institute to highlight flamenco as high culture worldwide. Admission is free upon prior registration here. Furthermore, the Cervantes Institute complements the Flamenco Festival program by promoting performances by various artists at its venues in New York and Chicago. Finally, on March 15th at the KJCIC of New York University, the world premiere of "Transmissions", a documentary series directed by Antonio Cadenas and Miguel Marín and produced by Womack Studios and Flamenco Festival, will take place. After the free and open to the public screening some of the featured artists, including Manuel Liñán, Paula Comitre, and El Yiyo, along with the co-director of the documentary series, Miguel Marín, will engage in a discussion with the audience To conclude these activities, a cajoneada will be held in Washington Square, a touching initiative to remember Paco de Lucía, highlighting the Peruvian instrument that he masterfully introduced to flamenco.

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