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Student of figures such as El Maleno of Badajoz, José Galván, Manolo Marín, Eva La Yerbabuena, José Galvám y Rafael Campallo among others. In the year 2000, in the Bienal of Seville in the show “Ritmo”, of María Serrano’s company. In 2002 he participates as a choreographer in the show “Estrebejí”, produced by the Regional Government of Extremadura and directed by Paco Carrillo, in that same year he becomes part of the “Ballet Cristina Hoyos”. In 2003 after several shows as a soloist around the world, he joins the “Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía”. In 2004 he performs in the Bienal of Flamenco in Seville along with Rafaela Carrasco and Belén Maya in the show ‘Los Caminos de Lorca ́ and begins his facet as a dance teacher giving short courses in Santiago de Chile, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, La Habana and several Spanish cities. In 2008 he participates in the Bienal of Flamenco in Seville as a dancer and choreographer in the show “Flamenco Universal” by Pepa Montes and Ricardo Miño. Also in 2008 and in his home town he stars in the Porrina of Badajoz VII Festival.

In 2010 he receives the CAB award for his artistic career as a Dancer and a Choreographer. That year he works, along with the University of Seville, in the Flamenco in Carmona Conference and with Matilde Coral the day dedicated to Rafael “El Negro” . He also performs in the Flamenco Festival in Lisbon along with the Vargas Family. In 2012 he collaborates with Cristina Hoyos in the making of the choreography of “El Gato Montés” by the master Penella and directed by Jose Carlos Plaza. That same year and for six months, he gives courses for the leading figures of flamenco dance in Japan and he works in the creation of the choreography, along with Cristina Hoyos, for Yoko Kotmasubara’s Ballet Flamenco. Since 2012 to the present day he is part of “Solistas del Ballet Cristina Hoyos” as a dancer and a choreographer performing in Spain, Canada, Vietnam or China. In 2013 he works in the Flamenco Festival in Nìmes with the show “Extremadura. Territorio Flamenco” where he obtains excellent critiques. He also participates in the “Ibérica Contemporánea” Festival in Querétaro (Mexico) along with great flamenco artists. That was the year when he decides he is returning to Badajoz to open the “Centro De Flamenco Y Danza Jesús Ortega”, his own dance studio. He combines his work as a teacher with his world tours. In 2018 he performs for the first time his play “Camino” in the Badasón Festival, achieving great success both with the critics and the public. Said project is the one that, together with “Flamenco Abierto”, is touring around stages all over the world.