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José Fernández “José del Tomate” was born in Almería in a family of artists. His father, Tomatito, and his great-grand-father, Miguel Fernández Cortés “El Tomate”, have been an artistic inspiration for him. Recognizes as influences to Sabicas and Paco de Lucía, but above all who has marked him most has been his uncle “El Niño” Miguel”. “Since I was very small in my house I have lived in a flamenco environment and guitars have always been around me” says José, who at the age of 13 decided to follow the family trail.With only 19 years old he has participated professionally in important international flamenco festivals and he has accompanied his father on tours internationals that have led him to play in New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, Boston or Washington. He has just presented his first album “Plaza Vieja” by Universal Music.